Service Hours

Bible Fellowship 9:15am
Worship 10:30am
Prayer Ministry 6:00pm
Bible Study 7:00pm
(6th-12th grade)
(Birth-5th grade)

Connecting points for Your Family 


At Connecting Point, Worship is vital. We seek to enlist and disciple talented servants in the area of vocal and instrumental music, dramatic arts and technical arts such as lighting design, sound management and presentation arts.

We are constantly looking for creative-minded people to help us communicate the Gospel through song and word. If you have any of these skills, or would like to learn, contact us and let us know!

Life Connections

Through this ministry, we come together as a community to grow closer to both God and each other. We offer individual ministries for all ages, birth through adult.

Connecting Point is focused on helping men, women and children build these needed bonds with their peers through fellowship, mission projects, and bible study opportunities.

As we begin our journey with God we seek to know more about Him and His purposes for our lives. We need a place to foster friendships and support as we learn and grow. At Connecting Point these body building experiences take place in our Bible Fellowship ministries. These are groups designed to give you a place where you can know and be known by others. These are groups designed to help people deepen their relationship with Christ and develop relationships with others.


At Connecting Point, this is our most important ministry. Whether you've known Christ for many years or just a few minutes discipleship is the spiritual growth process for everyone at Connecting Point.  This one-on-one discipleship process helps each believer  learn how to follow Jesus Christ  in every area of life.  This process is to help you GROW and mature in Christ so that you can GROW other believers.  We pair our "disciples" or learners with someone of the same gender, with similar demographics, interests and schedules.  They meet each week to build a friendship while learning God's Word.

Discipleship is designed to help believers grow in their relationship with Christ.  The lessons will help you understand your relationship to God, how to communicate with Him, how to apply basic Bible principles to your life, and how your life can be made an influential witness and testimony of God's grace.

If you are interested in discipleship sign-up at the resource table on Sunday or contact Cheri Westfall at


If My People Pray” Ministry

Wednesday at 6:00 - 7:00PM

How do you pray? Are you communicating with God or simply giving Him your list of demands? Is it a one-sided conversation or do you take time to listen to what He has to say? Barb and Phil Allen invite you to join them as they explore the Scriptural basis of prayer and the practical application in both our personal and congregational lives.


Mid-week Adult Bible Study

Every Wednesday at 7:00pm

Dig into God's Word with us in this "round table" discussion that will challenge you beyond basic Bible knowledge. Join us as we explore together what it means to truly be a follower of Christ!



Middle school, high school, teen years…they can be difficult but they don’t have to be. Every week we will be discussing issues pertaining to teens and how to maneuver through some of these difficulties such as peer pressure, intimidation, dating, sex, alcohol, drugs, partying, communicating with others, etc. You’ll be encouraged that you can confidently find successful ways to stay Godly and guard yourself in an ungodly world. Join us as we aim to help you make these years some of the best years of your life.



KIDnection, gives parents the opportunity to take advantage of church even if they have small children. It is offered for children from birth-5th grade, to connect them with God and others while teaching them that church can be fun and enjoyable. Wednesdays at 7:00pm.