Service Hours

Bible Fellowship 9:15am
Worship 10:30am
Prayer Ministry 6:00pm
Bible Study 7:00pm
(6th-12th grade)
(Birth-5th grade)

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Connect people to:


Our mission is to connect people to Christ.

This is the whole point of why Jesus came to earth…to tell us of His good news. Our desire is to continue the work He began and to tell others about His love. (John 3:16, Acts 4:12)


Our mission is then to connect them to a community of others who are connected to Christ.

As we begin our journey with God we seek to know more about Him and His purposes for our lives. We need a place to foster friendships and support as we learn and grow. Our desire is to become a community that helps people grow in their spiritual walk. (Colossians 3:12-17)


Our mission is then to connect them to the plans and gifts that God has called them.

Once you become part of a community of Christ, you begin to see the unique ways which God has specifically gifted you. It is the continued development of these gifts into service through ministry that brings purpose to your life. Our desire is to help you discover your purpose and gifts in order to unlock your true meaning for life. (Romans 12:1-8)


Our mission is then to work together with our varied gifts to reach people for Christ in our surrounding cultures in order to begin the connection cycle in others.

Jesus Christ is not limited to a certain culture. The goal of the church is to take the good news of Jesus into all cultures in order to tell everyone about His love. Our desire from inception is to be a reproducing church that will plant other churches and send out workers into the harvest. (Matthew 28:19-20, John 4:35)